Purses and bags are an important accessory for your springtime fashions. Photo by Brooke Bigda.

By Brooke Bigda Comment Columnist In celebration of the first week of spring, it’s time to put all of your winter accessories in the back of your closet and get yourself the perfect bag for spring. Here, I’ll give you the best tips on how to save some extra cash on the latest trends on […]

Graphic by Rae Belanger.
Career Services hands out helpful job pamphlets. Photo by Shawn Potter.

By Shawn Potter Opinion Editor   As college students, we are all either looking for our dream job or are working towards getting one. Luckily, there are professionals at BSU ready to help. On Wed. Feb. 25, Blair Sylvia from the Career Services Center spoke in the ECC conference room about smart ways to go […]

Supporters join to celebrate Afro-Am's banquet. Photo by Becky Kennedy.

By Becky Kennedy Comment Contributor   On Feb. 25, the African-American Society hosted a banquet that was held in the Dunn Conference suites. The event was in honor of Black History Month, and it was hosted by the African-American Society. The point of the banquet was to learn more about the history and culture of […]

By Molly Bello Comment Columnist   I used to say I’d never be caught dead in sneakers outside of the gym. Leggings were for yoga only. I have now worn sneakers with jeans, and leggings styled with sweaters. Athletic clothing is not just for the athletes anymore. It has become more mainstream than ever. Everyone […]

By Kevin Burke Comment Staff   Well, it’s that time of year again. That’s right: Red Sox spring training is underway as the fans get ready for the new season. However, 2015 is unique in the way that fans don’t really know what to expect from the Sox this year. Red Sox GM, Ben Cherington, […]

By Stephanie Dawber News Editor Life before snow was great. It’s only been a couple months of snow, but sometimes it can feel like a different lifetime. When surrounded by fellow BSU students, many feel the same way. The snow is affecting all students-but commuters students are especially taking the big hit. Commuter lots, like […]

Three performances of "Gruesome Playground Injuries" were held as part of BSU Theater and Dance Department's BAM! Student Theater Festival along with "Shel's Shorts." Photo courtesy of Matthew Greene of the BSU Theater and Dance Department.

By Emma Johansen-Hewitt Comment Contributor   This past weekend, the BAM! Student Theater Festival took place. Two student-directed plays, “Shel’s Shorts” and “Gruesome Playground Injuries,” were performed over a five-day period at alternating times. “Shel’s Shorts” is an episodic play written by Shel Silverstein, who is perhaps most widely recognized by our generation for his […]

The Lady Bears hold up the MASCAC championship trophy, along with five fingers for the five consecutive conference titles under head coach Bridgett Casey. Photo courtesy of BSUBears.com.

By Brendan Coughlin Sports Editor   Rachel Kusz was the star that shined the brightest on the Westfield State University basketball court Saturday afternoon in the MASCAC tournament title game. Bridgewater State University guard Kusz’s three point connection with 37 seconds remaining on the clock would be all the Bears needed to win their fifth […]

Michael "Flip" Lofton drives to the basket in the Tinsley Center on a Fitchburg State defender on his way to career-high 33 points in the semifinal matchup. Photo courtesy of BSUBears.com.

By Brendan Coughlin Sports Editor   The perseverance of the Bridgewater State University men’s basketball team did not end up being enough to take home the 2015 MASCAC men’s basketball championship for a second year in a row. Westfield State University was the top seed and favorite to win the tournament. The game ended with […]


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