saturday night live comedian to perform for springfest

By Jennifer Christensen

Comment Staff

Each year for Springfest, Bridgewater State University’s Program Committee hires a comedian to perform. This year that comedian is Jay Pharoah, who is best known for his skits on Saturday Night Live.

According to Pharoah’s official website, the comedian is involved in his second season with Saturday Night Live. He is known for various celebrity impressions, including Will Smith, Kanye West and Eddie Murphy. He now lives in New York City.

Program Committee has an efficient way of booking comedians for Springfest. According to Matt Miller, assistant director of programming for Student Involvement and Leadership, the university works with an agent. This agent helps determine what kind of entertainment most college students are interested in. This helps during the planning process.

“We start planning Springfest at the beginning of the year,” Program committee president, Loryn Moynihan said. “We have a booking agent who lets us know who is in our price range.”

According to both Moynihan and Miller, the program committee conducts a survey each year as well. This survey helps determine

Jay Pharoah will perform at the Tinsley Gym on April  18. Jay Pharoah Photo.
Jay Pharoah will perform at the Tinsley Gym on April 18. Jay Pharoah Photo.

which entertainer will be booked for Springfest, and it is aimed specifically at students from Bridgewater.

“Jay Pharoah was highly recommended to us as doing really well on the college circuit,” Miller said. “We are hearing a really positive response around campus.”

“I’ve watched his impressions on Saturday Night Live and he’s always been hilarious,” freshman Meghan Amaral said. “Once I heard he was coming here, I knew I had to go see him.”

Freshman Wanda Rivera agreed, “I have been watching him on Saturday Night Live, and I was excited to see he was coming.”

Pharoah will perform at the Tinsley gym on April 18th at 8 PM. The event is free for all Bridgewater State University students with a school ID. No bags, cameras or wristlets are allowed in this event.

Jennifer Christensen is a Comment staff writer. Email her at


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