By Lilly Devine

Comment Contributor


    Now there is a faster and easier way to access your most important information from the Bridgewater State University website. Bridgewater State has recently released a mobile application this past summer for Apple and Android products called BSU Mobile.

    It will be available for tablet devices soon, but for now, it just available for smartphone devices. This app was created for students to easily access information they would originally go to the university’s website for.

    BSU mobile has already had 7,148 downloads within the first two and a half months of its launch, according to Raymond Lefebvre, assistant vice president of applications and development.

    Lefebvre is project team manager of a nine person team that helped create and still manages BSU Mobile 1.0.

    “This [application] is just the 1.0 version,” Lefebvre said. “We are still listening to feedback to improve this app in the 2.0 version.”

    This app includes course schedule, the map of the Bridgewater State campus, events and news happening on campus, dining halls and bus schedule, sports news, cancellations of classes, and a faculty directory.

    The course schedule on the app has access to professors’ and classmates’ contact information, as well as a map locating the specific classroom it is held in.

    Moodle and student’s email are not yet incorporated with BSU mobile app, but has come up in occasional feedback to the team.

The BSU Mobile app, launched in the middle of the summer, has over 7,000 downloads within two and a half months. Bridgewater State University - Photo
The BSU Mobile app, launched in the middle of the summer, has over 7,000 downloads within two and a half months. Bridgewater State University – Photo

    “There is an email app on most smartphones that students can have synced right from their email accounts, but we are still looking into it more” said Lefebvre. “Moodle already has an app available in the App store and Google Play that can access Bridgewater State University and we do not want to take that away from the Moodle app.”

    Senior Lauren Silva, an English major found the app very easy to use. Silva said her favorite feature is the cancellation feature because it gives her the cancellation information all in one place.

    Silvia added she would like to see some changes to the app like pop up notifications when classes are cancelled or when assignments are due.

    So now, with the help of the BSU app, there is no need to stand in the rain guessing when the bus will arrive or show up to class when it was cancelled hours ago.

Lilly Devine is a Comment Contributor. Editor-In-Chief Greg Dudek edited this story. Email him at


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