By Elizabeth Sekkes

Comment Staff


It’s smooth. It’s sweet. It’s creamy. It’s cool. No, it’s not ice cream. Since the flavor packed explosion of frozen yogurt made its debut to the world, people of all ages have been rushing far and wide to enjoy this tasty new phenomenon.

In a span of time that seemed merely overnight, new froyo parlors have sprouted up, enabling froyo junkies to receive their frozen yogurt  fix in record time. Not one to be left behind on the latest trends, the Bridgewater State University campus is also endowed with a fun new froyo parlor, in the form of downtown Bridgewater’s Just Yoway.

Since its grand opening about a month ago, Just Yoway has been a popular hit with BSU students, particularly during the evening hours. Whether its surging popularity is due to its hip decorating scheme or its myriad of flavor options, Just Yoway has BSU students visiting its premises again and again.


“I liked the interior of it,” said Courtney Hardy, a sophomore English major. “The lights that are hanging above the register are cool.”

Emily Leahy, a sophomore English major said that she liked Just Yoway’s extensive variety.

“I liked all the different flavors they had,” said Leahy. “There’s a ton of toppings. There were two different tables of toppings ranging from Oreo bits, to healthy fruit like strawberry and mango. I also thought the price was really fair, too. I filled up the entire cup and it was only like $7.”

While there are certainly many other froyo parlors around, Just Yoway is better than the rest, according to Hardy.

Heather Burgess photo

“It was really good,” said Hardy. “I don’t usually like Pinkberry or Red Mango or any of those other places. But this place was really good. I thought it was really clean. Everything was where it should have been. There were no toppings on the floor or anything.”

The manager of Just Yoway, Kayla Danh, said that while many other frozen yogurt parlors premake their frozen yogurt, at Just Yoway, everything is made fresh daily.

“We make it fresh everyday,” said Danh. “We make it with two percent lowfat milk.”

Danh said that they plan to soon have non dairy products such as sorbet for people with allergies, as well as non-sugar products, and a separate area for nuts.

Danh said that she knew it would be a good idea to open up a froyo parlor in town, since froyo has become so popular. She also said that one benefit to eating froyo versus ice cream is that it is healthier. Moreover, the frozen yogurt at Just Yoway contains probiotics, which are beneficial for the digestive tract and the skin.

“This is a lovely, cute little town,” said Danh. “I would like to see many returns and happy customers.”

Elizabeth Sekkes is a Comment living-arts writer. Email her at



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