By James McCarrick

Comment Contributor

As the 2013-2014 academic school year has gone through its first month, students around the Bridgewater State University campus are becoming less concerned about the beginning of the year problems. One problem that still can be concerning no matter what, is parking on campus.

In recent years, Bridgewater State has had to deal with an increase in the number of students parking on campus, whether they are commuter or resident students.

Maureen Grenno, an administrative assistant in the Parking Services and Connect Card office, said 4,244 commuter and 1,115 residents decals have been issued so far this year.

A full lot on campus. Kendra Perry photo.
A full lot on campus. Kendra Perry photo.

As of late, Bridgewater State added the parking garage on the east side of campus last year. Even more recently, with the addition of Weygand Hall, a parking lot was constructed for the residents of Weygand Hall.

According to Grenno, the parking garage offers adequate amount of parking despite being away from some of the main academic buildings on campus.

“We are finding that by 8 a.m. the Spring Street lot is full every morning,” Greeno said.  “Then the Hooper Street and Swenson lots fill up next.  But the parking garage is available with ample parking.  Shuttles are available to bring students to the west side of campus.”

Nicholas Allende, a sophomore, living in Weygand Hall, decided against bringing his car to campus this year.

“Parking is a lot more difficult than it has to be,” said Allende.

He was a commuter student last year and had difficulties parking, along with many other Bridgewater State students.

Sophomore Monica Fisher, also found parking to be difficult on campus, and as a resident of Weygand Hall said that the Weygand Hall parking lot is too small and that she always has a hard time finding a parking spot there.

Sophomore Brandyn Johnson, agrees with Allende and Fisher that parking is difficult on the BSU campus. However, Johnson, who is a Resident Assistant in Shea Durgin Hall, believes he might have an idea to help alleviate some of the parking hassle.

Johnson said Bridgewater State should consider overnight parking in the parking garage on east campus.

This is not a reality yet, and Johnson said that most of the time, he ends up parking in Tower Lot because he knows he will be able to find a parking spot there.

Junior Sunny Juzukonis, is a commuter and she doesn’t have to find a parking space everyday on campus.

“I found it easier to park off campus where I can walk to every building that I have to go to for class,” said Juzukonis.

Wherever Bridgewater State students end up parking, it is a problem that will just continue for them.

James McCarrick is a Comment contributor. Editor-In-Chief Greg Dudek edited this story. Email him at


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