Twitter’s public New York Stock Exchange debut happened this past Thursday morning at 9:30 a.m. Twitter priced $26 per share where the company values at $18.34 billion. They are the second biggest Internet IPO (initial public offerings) by an American company, right behind Facebook. Should you buy stock in Twitter? Unless you know how to buy shares of IPOs, I advise you shouldn’t try it. But, if you do know how, you should wait it out until you start to see wealthy investors beginning to be involved.


When you are a multimillion dollar rapper, actor, entrepreneur, etc., you can apparently do whatever you want. P.Diddy, or whatever his name is now, has pushed back his birthday because he is “not ready yet.” He released a statement on Twitter saying “It’s my birthday Monday and I’m just not ready! TIRED. Real talk. So I changed my birthday just for this year (from November 4) to NOV 16th! #diddynewbday.” P. Diddy would have been 44-years-old, but now we have to wait until November 16 to celebrate.

American Horror Story

American Horror Story: Coven Season 3 has been on for a few weeks now with nothing but great reviews. This show is described as a miniseries that changes scenes and a majority of characters. This is the third season for the show, and they just got renewed for a fourth season. Season 1 has hit Netflix and Season 2 is in the works to be on their shortly. Season 3 has just begun so it’s not too late to catch up or even start from the beginning.


The registrar’s office announced that Tuesday was when the spring 2014 classes were going to be available for students to view. That morning they still were not available and students were starting to get annoyed. Bridgewater State University released a tweet on Tuesday at 9 a.m. saying “Students, the Registrar’s Office is working on the spring 2014 course listings. They will go live today. Thanks for your patience!” They also were responding to students who tweeted at them asking about the issue.



Want to save snapchats from people without them knowing? There’s an app for that. The app store just released a new app called SnapHack that allows users to save pictures and videos that are sent to them, without the sender knowing. The app goes for $.99 cents and is available now. So, now you may want to think twice about sending that embarrassing photo because you never know who is going to keep it forever.

Lilly Devine is a Comment staff writer. Email her at l1devine@student.bridgew.edu.


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