Cleaning up social media sites is a must-do for college students

By Flora Ketchum

Comment Staff

Having a clean profile, including profile picture and cover photo, is essential for job and internship hunting. Photo by Quinn Healy.
Having a clean profile, including profile picture and cover photo, is essential for job and internship hunting. Photo by Quinn Healy.

This is the time of year that most students are applying for internships and post-graduation jobs. Don’t let those risky photos from spring break or your potty mouth on written posts prevent you from getting that dream job.

If you haven’t already, now is the time to make sure you really clean up your social media profiles as much as possible.

There are a ton of different social media sites that most of us are members of. For example, go ahead and set your Facebook and Instagram profiles to private. Setting everything to private gives you a little more time to filter through all the silly posts or unprofessional photos.

Yes I know that your social media profiles are not work related, but your personal life can be called into question whether you like it or not. The problem is most companies want to do their research.

If you have an open profile, you can bet they are going to look at it. Some places are even going to ask permission to see what you might be hiding behind that mysterious profile picture.

Do yourself a favor, and look into all the privacy settings for each website you belong to. Google and YouTube also offer many different explanations on how to set a variety of different privacy settings.

I think we have all heard of at least one person losing their job, or at least being talked to, about an incident involving their Facebook, Twitter, or some other social media site. Don’t let that person be you.

The reason I say clean it up, as well as making your profile private, is because of the people that already follow you, or the ones that you are already friends with.

Say you have a super top secret Facebook profile, but someone on your friends list “likes” a photo of you being crazy at Panama City on vacation, then your new boss or future employer happens to see that in their news feed somehow, because we all know it happens. That would be bad news bears.

When you go through your profiles, I suggest doing this with a trustworthy friend for a second opinion. Use your best judgment on all of your photos as well as posts. Delete all of the photos and posts that you wouldn’t want a future boss to see.

And ladies, while you’re at it, you should get rid of all the duckface photos, as well as anything that resembles you looking like you belong on the show The Real World or Jersey Shore.

That’s why, at this age, undergrad or about to graduate, it’s time to do some spring cleaning.

Clean up those profiles and make sure you are coming across as a normal, classy, law-abiding, professional citizen, and not some barbarian that loves to party and frequently sleeps through their alarm clock.

Flora Ketchum is a Comment staff writer. Email her at


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