Educational Career Fair offers professional assistance for soon to be Bridgewater State University graduates

Career Services holding their annual Educational Career Fair

By Matthew Reed

 This coming Wednesday, April 9, Career Services is holding their annual Education Career Fair.

 The event is specifically for college students, alumni, or the larger public who want to pursue teaching opportunities. The fair is split up into two events.

 The first event features a panel of professionals who work in the educational field who will help give advice to Bridgewater State University (BSU) teaching candidates.

 The four panelists will discuss what to expect in the job search process as educators. The associate dean of education will moderate this panel. This event starts at 4 p.m. in the Science & Math Center Auditorium.

“I believe that the Educational Career Fair is a great opportunity in which future educators can experience the process that all college graduates have to go through,” said Janelle Roberts, president of BSU’s chapter of Student Education Association of Massachusetts.

After that, a networking fair will take place in the Campus Center Ballroom. At this fair, fifty different school districts from the Massachusetts area will represent any anticipated teacher openings to the BSU teacher candidates.

Schools that will attend the event will also distribute application materials, collect resumes and network with the candidates who are looking for possible openings for teaching jobs in the upcoming year.

“While the event may be tailored to a certain population of students,” said Katie Vågen, the Career Service’s development coordinator, “the Career Fair is really open to anyone who wants to be a teacher, no matter what major a student may be in.

“Coming to this event will mean that you will get an inside scoop on the education job market before the school districts make their jobs available.”

Vågen also gave tips of how to prepare for the event. First, she recommended that students have their resume critiqued. Students can visit student career offices to have their resumes critiqued during drop-in hours which are Monday through Thursday from 11-2 p.m.

“Next thing I would recommend,” Vågen said, “would be to research the schools that are attending the fair and find out more information about the district where you might want to work at, so you can talk about any questions you have with recruiters at the fair.”

She also recommended professional attire and to follow up with any schools at the fair.

“The student should send a thank you letter or e-mail to the people they meet at the fair, so it’s always good to grab a business card,” Vagen said.

Roberts believes the Career Fair presents a good opportunity for BSU students.

“For the educators that will be attending, I believe it will be a beneficial experience for all and many great opportunities will come about from the Career Fair,” Roberts said.

Matt Reed is a Comment staff writer. Email him at



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