Weekends at BSU are not as boring as many are led to believe

By Elizabeth Le

Comment Staff

The MBTA stop on campus provides quick access to Boston. Photo by Jeremy Foote.
The MBTA stop on campus provides quick access to Boston. Photo by Jeremy Foote.

“Bridgewater is so boring on the weekends. There’s nothing to do besides going out to a party,” most students at Bridgewater State University might say.

However, students who say this are not informed on what Bridgewater State can offer them during weekends.

One would know what events are happening on campus if they simply checked out the student announcements once in a blue moon.

For example, just recently the school offered a bus trip to New York for graduate students.

Don’t blame this campus for being boring. If one really wants to find something to do, it’s not that difficult.

Facebook and Twitter are great social media tools to find out what there is to do on the weekends here at BSU.

Surprising to some, the school does have a program committee. They have a Facebook page and a Twitter, where they post about upcoming events, such as movie nights and Bingo.

There’s also a page called BSU Weekends on Facebook. On this page, students will discover all the programs BSU has to offer. There are trips to Boston, Providence, the South Shore Plaza, the Wrentham Premium Outlets, and more.

Another thing students can do on the weekend is sign up to volunteer their time. They can sign up to do community service, which not only helps others, but enhances the goodness one feels as well.

If you’re not interested in the good feelings you get, doing volunteer work is also a plus on a resume.

The train is also right on the edge of campus, so if one wants to just get away for awhile, the city of Boston is just a train ride away.

The swimming pool in Kelly Gym is open to students as well. There’s also a basketball court in the same gym where students can play pickup games. Intramural spring sports have also begun, so feel free to watch a game or get involved.

Next time, instead of deserting campus to go home for another weekend stay at Bridgewater State. What is there to lose?


Elizabeth Le is a Comment opinion writer. Email her at ele@student.bridgew.edu.




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