Commuters share mixed reviews

By Elizabeth Sekkes
Comment Staff

For any Bridgewater State University student, a long day filled with classes can be very exhausting. For a commuting student, however, things become even more complicated.

In addition to worrying about waking up early enough to beat traffic to arrive at class on time, commuting students with busy days full of classes are forced to wander around campus like nomads, either eating food brought from home, or buying food on campus, which amounts to a lot at the end of every week.

Sharif Abdelal, a senior political science major, said while commuting isn’t too bad for him, there are certain disadvantages to commuting.

“I think the only problem really is all the parking is far off from everything,” Abdelal said. “Overall, I don’t live far, so it’s not as bad.”

Abdelal also said as a commuter that it can be difficult to take part in certain activities on campus.

“A lot of times the better events are placed late,” Abdelal said. “Which isn’t so bad, but as a commuter sometimes I get out of class early, and I don’t necessarily feel like being around that long.”

Maryann Serrilla, a senior Elementary Ed, Special Ed and History major said that there are definitely distinctions between commuters and residents at BSU, but that getting involved is still possible.

“Coming from a community college previously, I can see the divide between commuters and residents at BSU,” said Serrilla.” My days this semester have seemed longer because I’ve been so involved, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing since this will make my college experience seem valuable with my opportunities here. Even though it’s a challenge for commuters to get involved, I highly recommend commuters to at least participate in one activity.”

 For some students, commuting may be the perfect option.

Victoria Sousa, a senior marketing major, said she wouldn’t have things any other way.

“Love it,” said Sousa in an email. “I live at home with my parents and brother, rent free. We have a great relationship so it is nice to share about my day over dinner, or vent when days are tough, especially at the end of the semester.”

Sousa conveniently lives in Middleborough, which is a short twenty minute drive from campus.

“I live close to campus so the commute is very easy with minimal traffic,” Sousa said. “At first it was tough if I got tired during the day to find a place to relax. In recent years I spend most of my down time in the library, Bear’s Den or the Commuter Hub in RCC.”

Sousa said the toughest part about being a commuter is effectively managing her time.

“Having long breaks between classes, it is easy to get distracted and lose track of time,” Sousa said.

However, Sousa said there are definitely perks to being a commuter as well.

“Getting to know other commuters and being involved in CSA [Commuter Student Association] as the public relations officer,” Sousa said. “Also, seeing my family almost everyday.”


Elizabeth Sekkes is The Comment’s News Editor. Email her at


Sharif Abdelal commutes to his classes.
Sharif Abdelal commutes to his classes.


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