Farrell provides veteran leadership for men’s tennis

By Emily Hayes

Comment Staff

Senior Cody Farrell has learned a lot in his four seasons with the Bears and he is intent on passing his knowledge along to the underclassmen on the team. Jeremy Foote - Photo.
Senior Cody Farrell has learned a lot in his four seasons with the Bears and he is intent on passing his knowledge along to the underclassmen on the team. Jeremy Foote – Photo.

For the seniors of the Bridgewater State University men’s tennis team, their time to play for the Bears is coming to a close with almost half of the season in the books.

Senior Cody Farrell is one of those players trying to make the most out of his senior season.

Farrell has been with the tennis team all four years and in his final season he has played in every match. He is 2-4 in both doubles and singles play this season, as he plays usually at the No.1 or No. 2 spots in both.

“I’ve been playing since I was younger and it kind of just stuck,” Farrell said. “It’s a sport that I just love because even if you lose a set you can still come back and win it in the later rounds. It’s not something that’s definite.”

In his first season at Bridgewater State, head coach John Nestel has been impressed with Farrell’s performances.

“I find Cody to be really responsible person, someone who gives 100 percent every time in practice, every time in a match,” Nestel said. “Someone who is thoughtful and really sort of thinks about what we’re trying to do and how we’re trying to improve and that’s pretty helpful from a coaching standpoint.”

Over the four years at Bridgewater State, senior captain Jesse Gotlib has been there every step of the way to see Farrell’s talents up close.

“I was very impressed when I first started playing with Cody because it was my first year playing competitive tennis so he has been a backboard playing tennis for the last four years,” Gotlib said. “Seeing his backhand and his form is really impressive and I was just in shock.”

Farrell has come a long way since his freshman season. He has spent the last four years doing all he can for the team and is now beginning to pass on what he has learned.

“I think he sets a good example for the other players, for the new, incoming players,” Nestel said. “I think that as a senior, that’s sort of incumbent to do that, to set a good example for the other players.”

Farrell has been an influence not only on the incoming players, but also on the players that he’s been around for years.

“I’ve learned from him consistency throughout for tennis,” Gotlib said. “He’s a really big role model for consistency off and on the court.”

After suffering three losses in the past three Little East Conference (LEC) Tournaments, Farrell is looking to help the team and himself take the next step this season.

“I’d say small goal for the season would be to have a winning season,” Farrell said. “Big goal would be to be an LEC champion and make it into the NCAA [Tournament]. We haven’t been able to make it to the NCAAs in the four years since I’ve been here.”

Farrell and the rest of the Bears will continue to reach for that goal when they host Suffolk University on Thursday at 3:30 p.m.

Emily Hayes is a Comment sports writer. Email her at e4hayes@student.bridgew.edu.


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