Live music brings new feel to Springfest

By Matt Melia
Comment Staff

Spring is finally here at Bridgewater State University, and that means Springfest, a week of on-campus events and activities for students, is right around the corner.
Many students are expecting the usual happenings of Springfest this year, like interactive events and activities, the drive-in movie, and many other things leading up to the grand finale of the comedian.
But if there is one thing that students are not expecting, it’s music.
For the first time since 2010, there will be a live outdoor concert during Springfest. The outdoor concert put on by 91.5 WBIM, Bridgewater State’s radio station, features several bands from the local area, as well as a few acts that contain students who attend Bridgewater State.
“At WBIM we want to help promote local talent,” said WBIM General Manager Sean Bentley. “That’s always sort of been our mission statement, tomorrow’s hits today.”
The Springfest concert is on Thursday, April 24, from 4-7 p.m. and will be held at the clock tower next to the East Campus Commons.
The show will start off with Fresh Holes, an acoustic alternative-rock group from Cape Cod, and is followed up by Stone Toad, a three piece hard-rock band from Medway, Mass.
From there, Sparhawks, an instrumental math-rock band based out of Boston, will take the stage.
New City Ghost, an indie rock band with members from Providence, R.I. and Attleboro, Mass. will also perform.
Bridgewater State student junior Brendan Simpson will be the disc jockey in between bands and will also close the show out with a set of electronic music.
Bentley said through this live event, local bands can get good exposure, and the radio station can reclaim its connection with the students as their audience.
“When I first came here, WBIM was a very well respected part of the BSU community, and I feel we’ve kind of lost that over time,” Bentley said. “We want to be able to expand and we want to be noticed again. We want to continue leaving a lasting legacy on all of our students and our community as well.”
Bentley, along with several other students who work at WBIM, coordinated the event with Bridgewater State professor and WBIM’s adviser, Mike Russo.
Russo hopes the concert is well-received by the Bridgewater State community, and believes it has great potential to inspire more events similar to this one.
“My goal is that it’s looked at as really professional and successful, and it gets the support of the campus as a good thing that they’d like to see happen again,” Russo said.
Senior Patrick Devine described that while he was surprised at the fact that Bridgewater State was having live music at this year’s Springfest, he hopes this is a recurring theme down the road.
“Knowing BSU’s history, I wasn’t expecting much for a live concert,” Devine said. “I’d like to see more live shows at BSU for future students, not only at Springfest, but just in general.”

Matt Melia is a Comment staff writer. Email him at


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