News Briefs

                                                       BSU mourns another student loss

On April 14, Bridgewater State University lost another student when 32-year-old Stephanie Picher was involved in a fatal car accident that took her life. Picher finished her degree requirements last semester, and was planning to walk in the upcoming May Commencement Ceremony. She was an avid fan of Lady Gaga, and enjoyed writing and photography. She resided in Raynham, Mass.


                                 Bridgewater State adds to police patrol for springfest

Jason B. Pina, the Vice President for Student Affairs, sent out a student announcement Monday stating Bridgewater State University Police along with Bridgewater Police would collaborate to ensure any parties on Burrill Avenue or at other off-campus locations close to campus are in compliance with the law during Springfest. In the announcement, Pina said at past Springfest there have been violations of the law including underage drinking, large crowds with extreme noise, damage of property and violence. Party hosts are asked to comply with the law and manage parties appropriately. Violations of the law during these Springfest parties could lead to disciplinary action by Bridgewater State.


          The Social (In)Justice of Chemical Exposure: Perspectives from BSU Students

On April 24, from 12:15-1:30 p.m., a discussion event will be held in the Dunn Conference Room, which will focus on the disproportionate exposure to hazardous chemicals based on race and socioeconomic status. Chemistry professor Ed Brush will deliver a summary of the topic, and will then turn things over to attending students. Students are invited to come forward and share their own personal reflections on the situation, and are encouraged to verbally respond to any of the articles and papers on the topic which Brush will have on hand for student use. To attend and participate in the event, email




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