BSU police stepped up security during Springfest weekend

By Kayla Lemay

Comment Staff

Comment Archives - Photo Bridgewater State University Police were kept busy during last week's Springfest event.
Comment Archives – Photo
Bridgewater State University Police were kept busy during last week’s Springfest event.

Springfest is known for its events – the carnival, the comedians, and more. It is also known for the parties.

In response to the amount of possible large scale parties this past weekend, Bridgewater State University police were out in full force, or so it appeared to students. The Plymouth County Sheriff’s Department was also on campus Saturday to offer additional officers to assist BSU police.

“The number of law enforcement personnel on hand was determined in advance according to a basic plan that has been in effect for many years,” said BSU Police Chief David Tillinghast. “Therefore, although it may have appeared otherwise, we had only an average number of officers on duty throughout the weekend.”

Seamus Carey, a BSU senior majoring in History, said, “While I think the police force was necessary due to the fact that it was Springfest weekend, I think that they did a little too much enforcement, because it is Springfest, and college students will be college students, and they’re going to go out.”

Regardless of the amount of officers, the arrest numbers were unusually high this past weekend. On Saturday alone, there were 40 arrests of both students and non-students on the BSU campus. The numbers of arrests during the week of Springfest itself were low.

It appeared that the amount of police officers on campus may have helped to keep events orderly and safe.

“We believe that our enforcement policies largely prevented any major concerns from developing on Saturday,” Tillinghast said. “For example, there were no reports of large-scale disturbances, and relatively few ambulance transports for reasons related to intoxication.”


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