Summer activities to make your school break more worthwhile

By Kayla Lemay

Comment Staff

The smartphone app Geocaching Intro for iPhone, Android and Windows can locate geocaches. Photo by Kayla Lemay.
The smartphone app Geocaching Intro for iPhone, Android and Windows can locate geocaches. Photo by Kayla Lemay.

Summer is upon us again, even though the weather hasn’t seemed to caught up with that fact.

With summer comes working tirelessly to save up some money, pouring our energy into an internship, and maybe – if you’re lucky – a vacation thrown in the mix.

On those precious days you have off from your busy schedule, sometimes it’s difficult to find things to do, whether it be with or without friends.

There’s the obvious trip to the beach, where it’s usually crowded with all sorts of people, with the sun beating down and the cold water splashing on the shore. Or you could make a trip to a local amusement park such as Six Flags Canobie Lake Park, but that would involve dealing with lines of people and spending a fair amount of money.

There is always the option of laying out in your backyard, or on a hammock, or anywhere else in the world, with a good book to read. Unfortunately, sometimes you don’t have enough money for a good book you haven’t read, and can’t be bothered to go to your local library.

None of those options are bad. As a matter of fact, they are all fantastic things to do in the summer. But they also aren’t something you want to do every day off you have. It’s a good idea to mix it up and create some new summer plans that you can fall back on.

Thankfully, there are some activities to consider that don’t involve spending too much money, and trying to manage crowds of people.

The first is geocaching. Geocaching is an activity where people hide things, in woods or parks or even on some side street next to a tree. With the help of your smartphone, you go searching for these things, which are typically boxes that may filled with small toys or items.

Once you find it, you can take something if you so choose, but you have to leave something of your own. You also log that you’ve found it, whether on the app you use for geocaching, or in a log found in the box.

Like movies? Why not hit a drive-in theater? Yes, these do still exist, and are a fantastic way to spend a night with friends and family. Just a quick Google search of where a drive-in theater near you might be, and you have your ticket to an evening under the stars with a good movie. Some drive-ins even let you stay for multiple movies with just one payment, and payment is per-car rather than per-person.

What about music? Summer festivals can be found across the country, and often make stops to the area, namely the Xfinity Center.

Warped Tour has a massive variety of music, from unknown rappers and DJs to more well-known and popular pop-punk and post-hardcore rock bands.

For those who enjoy heavier metal, Mayhem Festival is a pretty big crowd pleaser. And for those who like country music, Country 102.5 is hosting their yearly country festival, with Rascal Flatts as the headliner. And occasionally, Boston will host free concerts, so keep an eye out for those events too.

Believe it or not, there are more activities than sitting on your couch in the A.C. Even though that’s not a terrible way to spend a hot day, there are better ways to get more out of your break from Bridgewater State University.


Kayla Lemay is the General Assignments Editor at The Comment. Follow her on Twitter @klemay123 or email her at


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