MLB Playoffs Update: Royals capture October magic, same old-same old for Giants

By Chris Medeiros

Sports Editor


Every year in the Major League Baseball Playoffs there is a team that seems to have something special about it. Everything around the team appears to have a certain mystique, and the momentum catches like a wildfire.


Just one year ago, local fans watched in amazement as the worst to first (now worst to first back to worst) Boston Red Sox played an inspiring brand of baseball that carried them all the way to a World Series title.


They say history repeats itself and this year is no different. The two current remaining playoff series sit as follows: the American League Conference Series has the Kansas City Royals ahead of the Baltimore Orioles 3-0. Meanwhile, The San Francisco Giants lead the St. Louis Cardinals in the National League Conference Series 2-1.


The two series are polar opposites, with the American League featuring two up and coming underdog teams, and the National League featuring two reliable powerhouses. The St. Louis Cardinals lost the World Series last year, and the Giants won it the year before that.


On the other hand, the Kansas City Royals have not tasted World Series glory since 1985, and the birds of Baltimore have not raised the trophy since 1983. The Giants and Cardinals have combined for 3 World Championships in the last 4 years (San Fran 2, St. Louis 1) and four in the last six years (St. Louis 2008 winners).


Whatever the case may be, this year’s World Series will feature some wily veterans versus new fresh faces.


The Royals latest victory came in a 2-1 decision at home against the Orioles. Led by Mike Moustakas, Alex Gordon, and Billy Butler, the Royals have an excellent balance of dominant pitching and timely hitting and defense from these sluggers.


In the National League tilt, the Giants beat the Cardinals 5-4 in ten innings. This is becoming an absolutely classic series against two storied and talented teams and organizations.


Giants’ Gregor Blanco laid down a bunt that caused St. Louis reliever Randy Choate to throw a wild ball which allowed Brendan Crawford to score the game-winning run.


It was classic playoff battle that was close throughout the game and ended in dramatic fashion.


Here is how I predict the rest of the playoffs to go: undefeated in the 2014 MLB postseason, the Kansas City Royals are certainly destined for a World Series appearance, if not title. I believe the Royals will sweep the Orioles for a World Series berth.


As for the National League, I believe the series will go the distance to seven games. In the end, it will be the San Francisco Giants who will find a way to beat the Cardinals.

In the end, the Royals will sweep the Giants in the World Series, becoming the first team since the 1976 Cincinnati Reds to have a perfect post-season.


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