Buffalo Exchange thrift store ideal for fashionistas on a budget

Columnist Molly Bello was able to speak to the Buffalo Exchange Allston Store Manager, Chelsea van Vliet. Check out the interview below!

Molly Bello: Why is Buffalo Exchange great for college students?
Chelsea van Vliet: Buffalo Exchange is ideal for anyone searching for fabulous finds on a budget. Unlike by-donation thrift stores, we buy our inventory from the public and do the hard work for you by selecting unique pieces for our diverse customer base.

MB: What is your price policy?
CV: Our items are priced based on current styles, the desirability of individual items, as well as the needs of our store, and what our shoppers ask us for. Our buyers keep all of these factors in mind, as well the original prices for a garment, and are then able to determine a price that will be both a screamin’ deal for our customers shopping, and a worthwhile selling point to those customers bringing their items to us.

MB: How is Buffalo Exchange different from other thrift stores or consignment stores?
CV: Unlike thrift, we buy our inventory rather than receive it by donation, and unlike wconsignment, our customers do not have to wait for their items to sell in order to receive either 50% of our selling price in store credit or 30% of our selling price in cash. We also buy all day, every day and therefore always have folks on hand to look at items any time that we are open, no appointment necessary.

MB: What kind of clothes/accessories do you typically accept?
CV: Our most basic guidelines are on trend items in excellent condition. We also buy the best of all seasons and love to see fabulous pieces all year round.

MB: How big of a role does social media play in promotions/marketing? Thoughts on the Halloween competition?
CV: As a company, we absolutely love playing an active role in social media and connecting with our customers in this way. We are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, and Tumblr, links to all of which can be found on our website, buffaloexchange.com. We also have our own blog which can be found at buffaloexchangefashion.com.
Unsurprisingly, Halloween is one of our favorite times of year. Helping our customers find fun, creative costumes that they truly love is always rewarding, and seeing the things people have come up with on their own using #bxhalloween is already so much fun.

MB: What is the best piece you’ve ever found through Buffalo Exchange?
CV: One of the best treasures that I found since working at Buffalo Exchange is a Wonder Woman-esque silver and amethyst cuff that is carved into the shape of two fish swimming around each other. It has become one of my signature pieces and definitely something that I’ll have forever.
For more information about Buffalo Exchange, or to contact van Vliet, visit them at their Allston location or call 617-779-7901.


Molly Bello is a Comment Columnist. Follow her on Twitter at @mollybello.


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