BSU Women’s swim team off to a strong start this season


By Tom Bodrog

Comment Staff

Sophomore Breaststroke swimmer Sarah Biltcliffe looks to finish strong as she nears finish.
Sophomore Breaststroke swimmer Sarah Biltcliffe looks to finish strong as she nears finish.


The women’s swimming team is up and going with a 2-1 record. The Bears defeated Regis College and Umass Dartmouth the last two weeks after losing their first match of the season against Boston College.


Off to a strong start, the Bears are feeling confident about where the team may be headed this season. There seems to be  a consensus around the swimmers that this team has a ton of talent and potential.


Senior captains Sarah Rechtiene and Terry Mullen believe the team is extremely strong and bring depth to every event.


“Everyone is determined this year. The morale is high,” said Rechtiene.


Mullen believes the same. “We are upping the intensity this year. Bonding is great, the team comes together so well.”


While the team is confident, they still understand that putting together a winning season is a challenge. Rechtiene feels she is doing a good job as a leader for the squad, and appears to have the team headed in the right direction.


“The schedule is tough, we are coming together as a boys and girls program,” said Rechtiene. “Achieving our own goals and holding each other accountable is key this year.”


Every season the team seems to grow together the more matches they compete in, and it is the little things that help the team to bond together. There are particular races that contribute to bonding, and just being on the road with the team builds a team chemistry, something very important in relay races.


The captains believe the most memorable moments are the trips, which are always amusing. Relays, which have four people coming together to swim in a race, are also boisterous.


Head coach Michael Caruso says the team has comes together this year, and finds intensity at every meet. “We have higher expectations, and the women’s team should be better. Hopefully everyone stays injury free.”


The Bears competed this weekend at Umass Dartmouth at an unscored event. Having no effect on the Bear’s record, the team went on and swam confident and worry-free.


Sophomore swimmer Sarah Biltcliffe led the Bears when she placed second overall in the 50m breaststroke (33.8) and the 100m breaststroke (1:14.59). The Bears also placed second overall in the 200m medley relay race.


“Our biggest rival is Umass Dartmouth, which we are evenly matched with. We are trying to bring positive attitude, get hyped up, excited and that is all that matters,” said Mullen.


Umass Dartmouth is the biggest rival overall, and the coach tries to bring the best swimmer to each event. The men and women are evenly matched with this team.


“We are also working towards the WPI mid-season invitational,” said Caruso. “There were two big early events this year, and we faced off in both of them.”


Senior Sean Bruno, who started swimming at BSU three years ago, also believes the team has a lot of potential. “I am eager to go to every meet. A lot of people have improved.”


The Bears will look to continue their success this weekend when they compete against Clark University at 2 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 15 at home.


Tom Bodrog is a Comment staff writer.


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