Netflix Movie Review

By Chelsea Morganelli
Comment Columnist

The Nightmare Before Christmas is the perfect transition movie from Halloween to Christmas. The Tim Burton film is famous for its animated 3D claymation and the use of stop motion.
The movie plays around Jack the Pumpkin King, who discovers Christmas. Things go from bad to worse when he decides to take on the part of Santa Claus and bring Christmas to Halloweentown.
The film has a “Grinch Who Stole Christmas” feel to it. Jack would be the Grinch in this case for stealing Christmas and trying to make it his own.
Halloweentown is creepy and may be a little scary to the younger viewers. The film is filled with humor, so it should not scare them too much.
The film is also a musical, and to this day around this time of the year I hear someone singing lines from the catchy song “This Is Halloween” in the film.
The claymation effects make the film very interesting to watch. The creepy creatures in Halloweentown are all very well thought up. Jack is a skeleton, but with a pumpkin shaped head. His eyes are two black holes and his body is lean and long.
The best time to watch this movie is between Halloween and Christmas, and is great for all ages to watch.

Chelsea Morganelli is a Comment columnist.


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