Bristaco celebrated another birthday with food, games, and music

By Marissa Bean

Arts Editor

Bristaco and his friends celebrated his birthday on March 3 in the RCC Large Ballroom. Photo by Marissa Bean.
Bristaco and his friends celebrated his birthday on March 3 in the RCC Large Ballroom. Photo by Marissa Bean.


Everyone deserves a birthday celebration, and the school mascot is no exception.

On March 3, BSU’s mascot, Bristaco, celebrated his birthday with members of the community. The celebration was held in the RCC Large Ballroom, and it was hosted by Program Council. WBIM provided music for the event.

All sorts of activities were available for those in attendance.

According to Program Council member Kayla Linardy, attendees could play board games, like Monopoly or Connect Four, or take part in the cupcake decorating contest.

Bowling and trivia were other activities available, and participants could win raffle tickets. Rounds of musical chairs were also played throughout the night.

Arriving early had it’s special benefits, too.

“The first one hundred people that came through the door got to stuff their own teddy bear,” Linardy said.

Prizes were raffled off throughout the evening. Everyone in attendance had an opportunity to win, as everyone was given three tickets at the door.

Bruins tickets, Red Sox tickets, and season passes to Six Flags were the raffle prizes. Flex dollars were given out as a prize for the cupcake decorating contest.

With every birthday comes a new age, but getting older isn’t exciting for everyone.

When asked, Bristaco was unsure of his age, and Linardy said, “It’s kind of a mystery.”

“He’s kind of old. He doesn’t like to talk about it,” Linardy said.

Bristaco’s birthday celebration is one of the biggest events of the year, according to Linardy.

“Besides Homecoming and Spring Fest, which are university-wide events, this is one of the biggest [events],” said Linardy.

Bingo was held the night before in order to advertise for the event. The theme for bingo was particularly special, “because Bristaco is the symbol of school spirit, so we wanted to do a BSU pride bingo,” Linardy said.

Like most people, Bristaco loves the attention that his birthday brings him. He loves all school events, particularly Homecoming, but his birthday is the one day that is all about him.

Linardy said, “It’s a lot of fun and Bristaco is an important part of our school, so anything we can do to make him happy we like doing.”

“He loves it. He loves being with his friends, and he loves the attention, and he loves his birthday.”


Marissa Bean is the Arts Editor of The Comment. Follow her on Twitter @MarLaur16.



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