Cheap Chic: Buying a special outfit for a very special occasion

By Brooke Bigda

Comment Columnist

Graphic by Brooke Bigda. The class of 2015 can graduate in style without spending a lot of money. Graphic by Brooke Bigda.
Graphic by Brooke Bigda.
The class of 2015 can graduate in style without spending a lot of money. Graphic by Brooke Bigda.



It’s almost the end for BSU’s graduating class of 2015. With spending all your time on last-minute graduation applications, studying for finals, and applying for jobs, it’s going to be difficult finding the time to buy the perfect graduation outfit. Not to mention the money you want to save instead of spending it all on a dress you’ll only wear once.


As a senior, I always do what I can to save money, especially on clothes, so I have some great tips on how you can save some extra cash and look amazing for the big day.


Based on my research, I’ve found that shopping online is the most effective way to find the styles you love at prices you and your budget will love. Most online stores will have options to allow you to filter the fashion pieces you want, and even will allow you to choose how much you want to pay.


T.J.Maxx’s online store is the perfect place to shop for fashionistas on a budget. Not only will you find amazing looks, but you can choose from your favorite designers at various prices.


All you do is choose a category, such as dresses, pants, shirts, etc. After you choose the type of clothing or accessories you want, then you can choose the price range that you want.


It takes only a matter of minutes. Also,it’s a much more convenient and less time consuming than it would be to drive all the way to the store, spend a ton of money on shoes, a dress, jewelry, and on top of that pay more money to fill up your car.


One piece of advice that I would suggest to have a general idea of what you want to wear. Whether you’re the type to dress to impress or dress in sweats, you need to know what you’re going to feel the most comfortable in.


However, keep in mind that this is a big event and you should dress appropriately. It’s definitely not a good idea that you would wear to your graduation what you would wear any other day. Make it special. Wear that dress that makes you feel as amazing as you’ll look. Wear that outfit that says “this is the first day on your new journey.” Make it count.


And congratulations to the 2015 graduating class. Just one more month of hard work, and you’ll look stylish walking across that stage.


Brooke Bigda is a Comment Columnist. Follow her on Twitter @bbiggs900.




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