Netflix Movie Review: Fight Club

Kevin Burke
Content Editor


For the first Netflix Movie Review™ of the semester, I chose to review Fi— …Actually, I’m not supposed to talk about it.

It’s like one of the main characters always says, “the first rule of fight club, is don’t talk about fight clu…” Dammit! Ok, I guess the cat’s out of the bag.

Fight Club is a 1999 thriller directed by David Fincher, and starring Edward Norton and Brad Pitt.

This cult classic tells the story of an unnamed man (Norton) that feels discontented and depressed with everyday life, and after meeting soap-maker, Tyler Durden, decides to form a “fight club” where members of the group can fight recreationally in order to gain a cheap thrill.

However, as their fight club grows bigger and bigger, the group begins causing public “mayhem,” and starts to resemble more of a terrorist organization.

Fight Club is known as somewhat of a controversial movie, with its explicit violence and dark themes, and understandably so. Because of this movie’s strong, deep-rooted themes, I found myself thinking about Fight Club’s messages long after the movie ended.

The strong acting in Fight Club stands out right away as well, with great performances given all around from the main characters to the smallest side characters. Everyone seemingly plays their part to perfection.

Fight Club currently hold an 80% on Rotten Tomatoes, with a 96% audience approval rating, making this, for the most part, a universally adored film.

The Comment officially gives Fight Club four stars out of five, and recommends it to anyone that doesn’t mind the fact that I just talked about it.

Kevin Burke is the Content Editor of The Comment. Follow him on Twitter @Ke7inBurke. 


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