Celtics Bounce Back With Two Wins on the Road, Tie the Series 2-2

By David Creed

Sports Editor

There were high hopes for the Boston Celtics coming into the playoffs. They clinched the number one seed in the Eastern Conference, and looked primed to go on a run and win at least one playoff series for the first time since 2013. Continue reading “Celtics Bounce Back With Two Wins on the Road, Tie the Series 2-2”


BSU Spring Breakers

By Alyssa Raymond

Staff Writer

The only thing as diverse as the students of Bridgewater State University themselves are their Spring Break plans. While students normally collaborate and work together during the semester they all have very different ideas of how and where to spend their week of free time. From sitting beachside down south to exploring with friends on the other side of the Atlantic, to meeting up with new and old friends around town to just catch up and hang out, Bridgewater State students did, went, and saw all different things last week. Continue reading “BSU Spring Breakers”

Bridgewater State Universities Ryan Kelleher Wins MASCAC Baseball Player of the Week Honors

By David Creed

Sports Editor


Despite a disappointing 3-6 start to the boy’s young baseball season that began with a nine-game stretch down in Vero Beach, Florida, some positive individual achievements came out of the trip. Bear’s Junior Outfielder Ryan Kelleher will be coming back to Bridgewater with some hardware after winning the MASCAC player of the week. This honor is given to one college player within the MASCAC conference each week in their respective sport for tremendous play and production. Continue reading “Bridgewater State Universities Ryan Kelleher Wins MASCAC Baseball Player of the Week Honors”

Red Sox Spring Training Report

By Brian Garland


Fort Myers, FL Here’s something you may have heard before: Chris Sale is on the Boston Red Sox. It really happened. Saturday’s 2-1 victory over Tampa Bay should be a sneak preview for w hat is to come, and that’s power pitching. All eyes were on the long left-hander, and he did not disappoint. On offense, the Red Sox came out swinging from the start and received contributions from some not-so-familiar faces: Mitch Moreland and Pablo Sandoval. They drove in a run each in the third inning, and that was all that new Red Sox ace Chris Sale needed. There can only be so much to take away from a Spring Training game, but it’s a reminder that spring is coming soon and winter will be sent down to the minors where it belongs. Continue reading “Red Sox Spring Training Report”

Meet Harold Tavares and his Impact on YALI

By Michael Rooney

Campus Life Editor


At a college or university – or anywhere, really – an employee has a much more significant impact than that of just simply doing their job. Some employees commit more time out of their life to participate in events that have meaning to them. Some go above and beyond to change the course of history They might not even know it, but some employees serve a much bigger purpose on their institution than they think. Meet Mr. Harold Tavares, a prime example of someone like this. Barack Obama’s tenure as the President of the United States was filled with accomplishments. One that is worth mentioning is his launching of the Young African Leadership Initiative (often abbreviated as YALI) in 2010. YALI’s goal is to educate and develop African leaders of youth with opportunities Continue reading “Meet Harold Tavares and his Impact on YALI”