Donations Help to Prevent Students from Going Hungry

By Molly Hurley


Students, faculty, and administration come together at Bridgewater State University to help those in need. When it comes to student hunger, Jane Doherty, staff associate in the Department of Chemical Sciences knew just what to do to make a difference. Food Bank 4 U, a project to offer free food to students began on September 1, 2014.

The idea came about while Doherty was attending an OID (Office of Institutional Diversity) book club meeting. She says, “My daughter Julia came up with the call to action ‘Feed The Future’ and is the business side of Food Bank 4 U.” Doherty, who is now the Founder and Director of Food Bank 4 U, wanted to give her idea a name that students wouldn’t have think too hard about to understand its purpose. Doherty says she wanted the name to be “simple and self-explanatory.” Continue reading “Donations Help to Prevent Students from Going Hungry”


Meet the Young Man with an Inspirtational Story

By Michael Rooney

Campus Life Editor

You don’t know a person until you truly get to know them – until you step into their shoes or, at the very least, try to imagine living through hardships. Meet Zachary Wright, a junior undergraduate student at Bridgewater State University.

Wright began attending as a computer science major with a perfect 4.0 GPA. In his tenure at the university, he was awarded a scholarship from the Korean government that permitted him to spend a year studying abroad there. But did you know that Zachary was homeless for part of his childhood? Continue reading “Meet the Young Man with an Inspirtational Story”

BSU Men’s Lacrosse Team Looks for Repeat Stellar 2016 Season

By David Creed

Staff Writer

The Bridgewater State Men’s Club Lacrosse team is experiencing what could be their greatest season in the program’s history. The Men’s Lacrosse Team is a club team that is a part of the Division II Pioneer Collegiate Lacrosse League (PCLL), where they generally compete against other club teams in the New England area. Continue reading “BSU Men’s Lacrosse Team Looks for Repeat Stellar 2016 Season”

Tom Brady Cements Legacy as Greatest Quarterback of All Time

By David Creed

Staff Writer 

For the fifth time of Tom Brady’sNFL career, he and the New England Patriots are atop of the football world and were crowned Super Bowl champions. Tom Brady was named the Super Bowl MVP for the fourth time in his career, an NFL record. His fifth Super Bowl win is also an NFL record for quarterbacks in the Super Bowl era. Above all else however, Tom Brady also earned another title aside from being named a Super Bowl champion and MVP two Sundays ago. His fans have referred to TB12 as the “greatest Quarterback to ever walk the face of the earth.” Continue reading “Tom Brady Cements Legacy as Greatest Quarterback of All Time”