Meet Harold Tavares and his Impact on YALI

By Michael Rooney

Campus Life Editor


At a college or university – or anywhere, really – an employee has a much more significant impact than that of just simply doing their job. Some employees commit more time out of their life to participate in events that have meaning to them. Some go above and beyond to change the course of history They might not even know it, but some employees serve a much bigger purpose on their institution than they think. Meet Mr. Harold Tavares, a prime example of someone like this. Barack Obama’s tenure as the President of the United States was filled with accomplishments. One that is worth mentioning is his launching of the Young African Leadership Initiative (often abbreviated as YALI) in 2010. YALI’s goal is to educate and develop African leaders of youth with opportunities Continue reading “Meet Harold Tavares and his Impact on YALI”


Education Majors Unhappy with Secretary of Education Confirmation



By Raymond Loughlin

Staff Writer 


On Tuesday, February 7th, Betsy DeVos was confirmed as Secretary of Education in a 51-50 vote. The senate was tied, so Vice President Mike Pence had to cast a vote. Since her confirmation hearing last month, there was a public outcry to try and get Senators to vote no to her nomination. Continue reading “Education Majors Unhappy with Secretary of Education Confirmation”

Costly Renovation for Hart Hall

By Raymond Loughlin

Staff Writer 


Eric LePage attended the SGA meeting on 2/7/17, to discuss plans to renovate Hart 213. LePage is the Director of the Teaching and Technology Center, and proposed the renovation to SGA’s Space Committee and has stressed that the current furniture in Hart 213 is immovable during classes. He described the classroom as “in disrepair.” Continue reading “Costly Renovation for Hart Hall”

Sent on behalf of President Clark

Dear BSU:

Following President Donald Trump’s Executive Order on Friday effectively closing our nation’s borders to immigrants from seven Muslim countries, several federal courts acted quickly over the weekend to temporarily halt the implementation of the Executive Order.  These developments, coupled with news headlines and protests around the world, have left many in our BSU community concerned, confused, and in too many cases, afraid. Continue reading “Sent on behalf of President Clark”

Sent on behalf of those concerned


Dear President Clark,

We, the undersigned, recently engaged in an email discussion on our faculty list-serve, denouncing President Trump’s Executive Order suspending all immigration from Syria, Sudan, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Yemen and Somalia along with the indefinite suspension of the resettlement of Syrian refugees. This ban has disrupted the lives of hundreds of refugees, scholars, and professionals as well as alienated our allies in the world. The Executive Order has violated our core American values by discriminating against certain groups based on their national origins and religion while making ourselves more vulnerable to outside threats. Continue reading “Sent on behalf of those concerned”